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Roger Miller

April 7, 2007

One of my intentions for this site has been to recommend music that I enjoy… and think some of you might enjoy as well. Oddly enough, my first recommendation is Roger Miller’s All Time Greatest Hits. This cd has been monopolizing our van’s cd player for a while now. I’ve owned the cd for some time, although I never really listened to it (I bought it because I liked a song or two). I rescued it from the bottom of my “cd’s I don’t listen to, but can’t get any money for at the local used cd store” box because I thought there would be a few songs the girls might enjoy during road trips. It only took one full listen for us all to be hooked. At first it was just the humor and wittiness of his music, but the more we listened, the more Denise and I were astounded by his brilliant songwriting and the way he uses his vocals as an actual instrument (The girls love it just because it’s fun and catchy). I later went on the internet to find out more about him and was pleasantly surprised that many of his contemporaries (60’s – 90’s) considered him a genius. I think that one of the things that makes his music great is his ability to blend darker subjects with happy/fun melodies. Even though he is normally classified as a country artist, he easily traversed multiple genres, including swing, blues, rock, and jazz – it’s probably best just to classify him as a folk/americana artist. He’s perhaps best known for the silly vocal gymnastics he employs in his songs, and probably his most recognizable song is “King of the Road.” The album contains 20 songs, and there are probably only 2 that we skip through. The only thing I don’t like about the album is that it doesn’t contain any of the songs from Disney’s Robin Hood – which he wrote the songs for. I know this album may not be everyone’s musical cup of tea, but we have thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

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