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April 8, 2007

Pastor: Christ is risen!

People: He is risen indeed!

Pastor: Christ is risen from the dead. Alleluia!

People: Thanks be to God who has given us the victory though the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

What a blessed Easter! To gather with the church and celebrate Jesus’ triumph over death!

If you have been following my posts, you know that I have been going through the Christian calendar, explaining a bit about the different seasons and how my church – and many other churches – celebrate them. While many people may not know about the significance of Maundy Thursday, I feel confident that everyone knows why the church celebrates Easter. Hopefully all of our churches celebrated the resurrection today! After attending the solemn Good Friday service that ended in darkness and silence, our Lord’s Day service was especially moving. What made it even more special was the song the children sang to begin the service. The song was called “He is Risen.” It was very sweet and brought tears to my eyes. Yes, one reason is because my Molly was singing her heart out, but more importantly because these children were leading the triumphant praises of our risen King! I think it is vital that children are included in the church’s worship, frankly, because they are a part of the church. It is a beautiful thing to see our children singing praise songs to their Savior because they remind the rest of us “mature” Christians that we must become like them if we want to enter the kingdom of heaven (Matt. 18:1-6).

Here’s the words to the song the children sang today. It’s an easy song to teach – it’s to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me.”

Jesus lives and so shall I
Death, thy sting is now a sigh.
He who deigned for me to die
Lives and reigns today on high.

(Chorus) Yes, He is Risen
    Yes, He is Risen
    Yes, He is Risen
     He is our risen Lord.

Jesus lives and reigns supreme
Victory now for His Redeemed
Jesus lives I know full well
Conquered all the powers of hell.

(Repeat Chorus)

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