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Sweet Home Alabama 2

April 28, 2007

Today we made our second excursion into the backroads of Alabama. This time we ventured into the mountains. There were some amazing views… unfortunately, the pics don’t do it justice.


We packed a lunch today, but we will make sure we return to Denise’s one day. We found a playground for the girls and wore them out… they didn’t really care for the sights after that.

BTW, Lee’s Tobacco and Candy Store was false advertisement… it was a women’s clothing store – the sign was just for show. Also, the Tool sign is near our house… I’ve been wanting to get a picture of it for a while.

Recommended listening for your next journey:

click to listen a bit

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  1. April 30, 2007 8:27 am

    You guys should buy that restaurant one day. Brian could be the cook, Denise could run the front, and the girls could be waitresses. I think you should really consider it……Erin

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