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Countdown has begun…

August 13, 2007

So I figured I should be adding my posts here that I have been posting on myspace. I realize not everyone cares to keep up on there and so for the few that read there, I will remain.  Thanks to Big Daddy Donato for recommending the old handy copy/paste 🙂  So here goes!

frontbelly.jpgI had my first of the 2 weeker appt today with the OB.  All measures well and Lucy’s heartbeat sounded beautiful as usual!  I am having some of the braxton-hicks contractions, and they already make me stop in my tracks when one comes on. It is so exciting! She surely has been an active one.  It seems she sits real low and then pokes both elbows out at once trying to stretch out my hips- uh ouch!  One good thing at this appointment is that I found that I passed the glucose screening test.  I was surprised and not at the same time.  I have felt better this pregnancy than the last two overall, but I did fail the last two times and had to take that 4hr test.  SO GLAD to avoid that- no doubt due to your prayers!  Around here I have one cousin due any moment and then I will be the last in our family with the 5th kid born this year.  It has been a blast having all these babies all around, plus all the mom’s that we got to experience this pregnancy together- what a sweet time.  Be continuing in prayer as we have been very pleased with our doctor and are excited that he will allow us to try a VBAC on this #3 to try to avoid a c-section and reduce our overall recovery period and complications. Our goal is no drugs and minimal medical intervention- we shall see!

cake.jpgWe are preparing for Molly’s bday tomorrow (Tues, 8/14).  I can’t believe she is turing 4! She is so big now.  So many of you on this site were so gracious to await her arrival on that big day in KY and she still loves a crowd! Her Mimi (Brian’s mom) is hosting a tea party at her home tomorrow for Granny, Aunt Tricia, me, and Pat and Thelma (Brian’s Dad’s family).  She has some cute finger foods and little tea set to use that is precious.  I can’t wait to see how that turns out.  The birthday cards have started to arrive and she absolutely LOVES it.  I love that she can recognize her name on the cards and gets that much more excited about it!

Saturday is the BIG PARTY day.  We have about 25 families that will be coming with children.  Friends and family alike.  Thanks to an uncle and aunt we will have an inflatable water slide to play on.  Molly and I have been making some cute little wands to give out to the girls all sparkly with glitter and purple, pink, green, and white.  For the boys we will have some dollar general swords for them to play with – however, very important rule on the packaging – ‘do not hit, swing, or poke at another person or animal’…cracks me up! Ummm it’s a sword people!  We have labeled the whole event Molly’s Merriland.  We just thought it would be fun to have a special name.  I have a little bean bag toss game we will do (I got to sew the bags- cool!) and a little magnetic fishing game too.  We will be doing a cook out with hot dogs and beans.  It went over well last year with a big crowd and still keeps costs down – Thanks to Sam’s of course! 

I was really hoping that some out of town family would make it in for this event, and as it turns out some are! I am so fortunate to have my Sis- Dana (TX) and Mom (FL) coming in so I will be enjoying this visit with them and especially love to see my girls grow their relationship with each of them.  Thanks so much guys for making this sacrifice of time and energy!

The only thing I am hoping for is a little bit of a breeze.  We did choose 3-6p time of the day since 3/4 of the yard is covered in shade, but the heat index here for the past few days has been like 110 degrees- stay cool out there people!  Basically that means for me that I either stay inside or sit in a pool- I don’t think the little kiddies will appreciate me sitting in their kiddy pool this day!  At least at this time of the day we will have plenty of shade and a/c option at the house.  I wish we could get some kind of set up like they have a Disney, you know the misters you can “refresh” yourself with?  They have ONE here at the zoo.  That is if you don’t count the one that the goats use 🙂 and I try to sneak under :).

Oh the summer is about over and I have so enjoyed being in the water so much.  Not sure if I love the coolness of it or just the zero gravity part- either way it works for me. 

One last thing is that I have really enjoyed a series on Marriage that our pastor has been preaching on Sundays.  I highly recommend if for single and married folks to listen.  You can download these to an IPOD or MP3 player and listen when you are not sitting in front of the PC.  They are all called ‘To Have and To Hold’ parts 1-4 and this past Sunday will be up in a day or so.  He is concluding the messages on this coming Sunday.

I pray you are all doing well and we will keep you posted on “stuff”. We just need to get past Katie’s bday and it will be time for our Lucy! I sure can’t wait to meet her!  Much love!

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  1. August 13, 2007 7:35 pm

    Hey Team McLain! We’re cheering you guys on with no drugs! Can’t watit to meet Lucy.

  2. August 13, 2007 10:28 pm

    Denise I am so glad to hear from you on here – I was wondering why Brian was “hogging” the blog (just kidding Brian!!). I am shocked that they are going to let you try a VBAC after having two c-sections already! Wow!!!! My doctors here won’t even consider it. They said in FL there are hardly any doctors that do – the malpractice insurance is too high for them to try it. That’s awesome that you get to try, and that you are going to attempt no drugs. You are an amazing woman if you pull that off – but….even if you don’t and you need the drugs, you’re still amazing!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see little Lucy and see what she looks like. How exciting!!

    I can’t believe Molly is turning 4. I remember sitting in the waiting room in KY when you were in labor and when she was born. We had such a fun time hanging out waiting for her to be born. What special memories. She was the first baby out of that group of friends, and now look at how many there are!! Isn’t it amazing the difference a few years makes.

    I’m glad to read your post. You should definitely post here more often. I don’t do Myspace – I tried it out for a little while but didn’t like it. I have a facebook page – I know Brian is on there – do you have a page?

    Okay, sorry this reply turned into a really long post. I miss you a lot – I really miss our walks around the “track” at Humana during our lunch break – that was so much fun!

    Can’t wait to see you guys again!!!

  3. August 13, 2007 10:30 pm

    Oh, I forgot to add one thing. I love that picture of the belly – is that your belly with NO stretch marks? If so, I am totally jealous. My stomach looks like a zebra with so many stripes – YUCK!!

  4. August 14, 2007 12:58 pm

    Hey it’s good to hear that you’re doing well. I am praying for you that you’ll get to have your natural childbirth. You are a strong woman. I don’t think I could do it. So proud of you! We are excited to get to see you this weekend. I can’t believe Molly is 4 already. Tell her Happy Birthday for us…she’ll get to meet Gisele on Saturday!
    Love y’all!

  5. patrick and melanie permalink
    August 16, 2007 7:52 pm

    We’re excited for you guys…

    Brian, if you have any questions about fatherhood, just give me a call.

    Talk to you soon, brother!!

  6. August 22, 2007 7:39 am

    Erin- that is NOT my belly. Wouldn’t it be nice? I don’t look like a zebra, but have a “cute” collection of little red spots. riiigggttt ‘cute’. 🙂 I do miss those walks too!!

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