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Well, ain’t that nice?

September 19, 2007

Figured I should fill you in on the latest adventures regarding Lucy’s upcoming birth day! I had an appointment Monday before last with a doctor in the practice that was lets just say…not in tune with our plan…she decided to inform me of her ‘rules’ for my delivery plan.  She plans on discussing with my specified doctor what her issues are.  Mind you- she is approximately my age and 23 weeks prego with her first baby.  I purposely avoided doctors from my generation- sorry guys- because she/they talked to me like a text book.  There is much to say for life and work experience – i.e. wisdom.  I suppose my favorite comment from her was that I needed to be sure to reconsider my choice regarding an epidural ‘since the moms tend to blame themselves when the baby ends up with cerebral palsy since the physicians couldn’t anesthetize the mom fast enough.’ YIKES! That is when I stopped talking with her and said I would get with my doctor about her issues since he was specific in indicating that those working in his practice would honor his agreements.  Anywho, I am planning on calling my doc on Monday to see what his plan is on dealing with her and her issues.  She is a nice lady- don’t get me wrong our goal here is to have ‘a healthy baby’ (as she put it) – LIKE I’M NOT! Oh brother. 

So now it is Wed and I have spoken to Dr. D and he is SO cool!  He called me to just say that we had taken Beth by surprise and that she was fresh out of UAB.  He said that if she was on call during my delivery that he would step in for her.  I am so grateful!  I go in on Monday for my ‘final’ 2 weeker appt and then start the once per week visits.  I can’t believe it is almost here! I still need to pack.  There is a diaper shower for me at church on Oct 2 so that will be fun.  From what I hear we are going to get to sing some hymns and such- how neat! 

Now today is Katie Lyn’s 2nd bday! I am so pumped! I am hosting a playdate at a great park, the weather is supposed to be about 85 and great! I have some cupcakes prepared and look forward to a fun time.  Only bummer is that I am now fighting some kind of sore throat/allergy thing. Yuk! I sure hope if goes away soon.  I felt so good not getting sick this whole time and to get down to the end is, well, BOOO!  I am supposed to be meeting with the Doula soon.  She is available and we have a family in our church that is helping me ‘raise’ the $ to pay for it.  I so appreciate their endeavors!  On a side note, I had emailed pics from Molly’s bday a while back so if you didn’t see those, let me know.  I’m taking the digital camera today for Katie’s park adventures.  We will be going to the in-laws for dinner and gifts tonight.  Love you!

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  1. September 19, 2007 1:21 pm

    Oh my~I’m so glad your doctor put your mind at ease and will be there to step in during delivery!
    Great news about the doula~I know the $ issue was a concern.
    And great pictures of the girls. Too cute!

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