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Going, going, going

October 15, 2007

Here we are.  Still nothing. Oh, except for that long night of contractions last night!! Started during church yesterday and went to about 2am.  Yeah- that was fun.  Good thing these start out slow because how are you really supposed to relax through pulsating pain I ask??  Visited Dr. D today and no change in the nether regions.  However, I will not be discouraged.  Yesterday was our calendar due date and according to her measurements it is 10/25.  With Molly I didn’t even have contractions at this point so I do feel encouraged.  It gave me an opportunity to make sure all was packed that I was going to need.  Please pray for me though…I really want to persevere through the pain and I am a bit nervous.  As far as the waiting game??  I have found comfort in Psalms – love those guys!  Here is one for you Ps 27:14- Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!  He has Lucy’s birthday already worked out and this is where I get to put into practice being patience and gracious.  I am walking regularly and am loving our Y membership for that right now.  The girls can play their little hearts out and I can walk, and walk, and walk, and then walk some more!

On another note, I got to take Molly & Katie to an Indian Festival this past Friday with the help of the ole in-laws! You know- these are great people- treading in all that…poop and all.  Lot’s of horse stuff around and they were such troopers :).  Molly and Katie got to ride the hohos (horse for Katie) and feed multiple animals in the, compact as it was, feeding/petting zoo.  We saw some native dancing and singing and smelled some other funky stuff too – I’m going to stay convinced it was white sage and not what the ole Grandpa was suggesting :).  Molly got to shoot her first bow and arrow and actually hit the hay bales twice- I was so proud!  I will get some pics posted soon I hope.  Goal was to walk, walk, and more walk and we did do that.  Overall was a fun, dusty day since it is staying nice here now during the day in the high 70s.

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