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December 27, 2007

We enjoyed our visit to TN.  Brian’s aunt is doing much better now after two surgeries and being diagnosed with diabetes.  Rough stuff.  We were really eager and glad to see her.  We will continue to pray for you Aunt Tricia! We are so grateful for the Murrays for hosting this year and letting it all come together so last minute.  I have to say after the last several weeks, being under this roof, it was sure nice for a change of scenery.  Another thing, it was much colder there too.  I enjoyed the refreshing cold air.  We have been bouncing between fall and early winter weather around here so I have missed it being cold – oh my, did I just say that? Don’t tell Brian?! All three girls travelled well. I was pleased. Only problem was having to pack everything but the kitchen sink.  One of my local friends has determined they are nevermore going to travel for Christmas- it is too much of a hassle.  I know it is labor intensive, but I desire to be with family so much I can’t help myself. I figure traveling like this is temporary and it will pass.

 I have posted a couple of pics of us that we took on our NEW digital camera!!! I am so pumped.  It wasn’t even on the wish list. Come to think of it – there wasn’t a wish list for this year really for us, we were just focused on getting the kids what we wanted for them and our parents have been so helpful in a number of ways this year.  We just continued to borrow Brian’s parents’ camera when we could remember.  All of our parents are too good to us!!  Now I can post pictures at a whim and take a thousand of them if it doesn’t come out right- sorry kiddos.  I am stuck on my old 35m though, ‘don’t worry little man- I won’t forget you- no digital focuses in on a closeup like you!’ 🙂

I am trying to upload the Christmas pics onto my shutterfly account. It will be easier to send out that bragbook instead of posting it all here.  AND the family can order the pics they want directly from there.  Now I don’t have to wait a month for them to develop and post for me! Hurray! 

I find Christmas amusing with children.  I get so excited about a particular gift for one of my children only to be taken back at how the other is more interested in it?!  Now that we are home, we get to put into practice ‘sharing’!  Molly’s 37-key keyboard with microphone is a hit with both girls as well as the Little People Market.  They also received personalized stockings and homemade aprons.  I sewed a playhouse for the girls that is custom over our kitchen table.  It is so cute with windows and a door.  They played under there anyways and now they have a ‘tent’!

Our Lord is so generous to us. So much more than we deserve. I am ever so grateful for his daily provisions and how He even cares for the little things in our lives.  So often I think that something is not really important enough to bother God with, but He continues to meet even those requests.  May you be blessed richly by our gracious God and Savior in 2008.

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  1. December 27, 2007 2:20 pm

    Beautiful pics and beautiful family. Thank you so much for staying with us and allowing us to be part of your family this Christmas. We enjoyed every minute of playing with the girls, and I am so glad we took time to give ourselves pedicures! So much fun! Love you!

  2. December 29, 2007 10:36 pm

    Such cute pictures – and Lucy is a little doll!!!! She seems to look different to me than what Molly and Katie looked like – what do you think? What’s the consensus on who she looks like? Are you coming to FL anytime soon (maybe for a wedding? 🙂

  3. December 31, 2007 11:23 pm

    Lucy definitely has her own look about her. She is clearly a McLain clan though. Parts of her look like Brian and Molly, but even today I thought she looked alot like Katie’s 1 month old pic I was looking at. I think these girls are chameleons – whoever they stand next to is who they look like at the moment 🙂 No plans other than sometime in 08- surely. Brittany was the last of the weddings I gather and the timing was a bit off for us this time around… you know baby and all 🙂 We shall see! Love you Erin- thanks for always checking in and saying hi!

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