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Handy Manny Let Me Down

February 2, 2008

This morning I let Denise sleep in (Lucy has a cold and woke mommy up a few times last night), so I got the girls up, dressed them and sent them downstairs for breakfast. While I was cooking their eggs I let them watch some cartoons. First they watched Little Einsteins (which is my personal favorite) and then Handy Manny came on.

This seems to be a pretty good show with a big focus on helping people. The main character is Manny the handy man and his anthropomorphic tools. In this particular episode the goal was to install new lightbulbs in the grand marquee for the movie theater’s grand opening. Unfortunately, Rusty the wrench accidently broke all the lightbulbs by being careless. Instead of owning up to his mistake, though, he lied. Needless to say, the owner of the theater was disappointed because it appeared they would not get the marquee fixed in time for the grand opening. Manny made Rusty confess to the owner and this is what she said: “You know, Rusty, I learned a long time ago, that if you always tell the truth, you probably won’t get in trouble if you make a mistake.” This is what I tell Molly and Katie all the time – Always tell the truth! If you make a mistake, chances are you won’t get disciplined if you tell the truth; but if you lie, you will ALWAYS be disciplined…in the strictess sense.

So, I thought it was great that Rusty had to confess to lying, but then Molly pointed out, “well, he didn’t get in trouble.” She was right. But considering what the owner said, I figured he would be disciplined at some point in the show – maybe at the end after the work was done. Alas, I was wrong. Despite the speech from Manny and the theater owner, Rusty was never punished for lying, and Molly picked up on it right away. Darn cartoons!

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