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I have to save this one! Hospitality + Children = Fun!

June 17, 2008

Anyone interested in hospitality!? I know I am.  I am always looking for tips to help things go smoothly.  Found this post via Brandy– thanks so much darlin’!  On my way to the Sunshine State today.  I can’t wait to soak in a few rays and some much needed Mom and sister time!

I’m growing a green thumb?! I am growing 2 kinds of tomatoes. One finally has 2 smally tomatoes on it! We are so excited. We also have a bleeding heart- beautiful and some pretty bulbs have poked up in our pots hanging over the porch railing.  It has been fun living in the country. There are so many beautiful things growing here. A new color pops up as soon as something else dies off.  I love spring and summer for that! We are also looking forward to harvesting the 2 peach trees and 1 apple tree.  I’ll take a turn at canning if there is a good fruit!

Lucy is standing and clapping already! I can’t believe she is already approaching 8 mths. Man time flies.

Lucy standing!

My trip to OR went well considering.  God is good all the time and was clearly comforting us in various ways in regards to losing my step-mom. Thank you for your prayers!

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