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PSA #1

August 1, 2008

On behalf of the Field Service Representatives at Nashville Electric Service, and Field Service Representatives everywhere, please consider the following suggestions….

When you encounter an FSR in on your property and you feel the need to acknowledge him – or worse, initiate small talk – please refrain from these two possible phrases:

1) “Hey guy/gal, how ’bout a discount?” Other similar, but equally annoying phrases include: “There must be something wrong with my meter, its too high,” “Are you sure you’re reading my meter correctly?” and “Don’t worry about reading my meter, I didn’t use any this month.”

2) “Uh-Oh, it’s the electric/water/gas guy/gal, I better let the dog loose.” Other similar, but equally obnoxious phrases include: “I thought it was burglar sneaking around my yard, but when I saw it was the meter guy/gal, I got my gun,” or “Look, it’s public enemy #1.” All proceeding phrases are followed by cheesy laughs.

Seriously, quit it. We don’t find it amusing or clever, and in fact, after a long day in the hot sun, it’s usually enough to push us over the edge and read your meter a little too high that month. If you need to acknowledge us, a simple smile, head nod, or “Hi” will do. And if you feel you must go out of your way and engage us, we much prefer an appreciative comment to a wiseass crack. A bottle of cold water is also nice. Thank you.

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